In September, Dr. Kľoc from the Orthopaedic Department in Prešov will visit the Institute of Geonics of the CAS.  He is invited to represent the experts from medical practice during the realization of the experiment within the feasibility study using the specimens prepared in Prešov. The specimens consist of a femoral stem inserted in porcine bone which is fixed by the Palacos R+G bone cement. During the experiment, the bone cement will be disintegrated in order to extract the femoral stem from the porcine bone. The realization of the experiment is a necessary step for verification of functionality of the new technology which the WORTH team is developing. We will obtain relevant results required for implementation of the WORTH project. The results will be then presented on the Water Jet 2015 conference, TEAM 2015 and AUTUMN CONGRESS OF SLOVAK ORTHOPAEDIC AND TRAUMATOLOGY SOCIETY with international participation in Prešov.


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