The 4th WORTH workshop will take place at the Institute of Geonics of the CAS,v.v.i. on 8th and 10th February 2016 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. At the closing workshop, all aspects of the latest findings which encourage the development of a new orthopaedic technique using the pulsating water jet as an ideal surgical tool without thermal and mechanical damage of large joints with minimal traumatizing impact on patient will be summarised. Besides the international partners of the project, three external experts are invited. Mr. Braňo Švehla (Slovak Republic) will present the construction concept of a sonotrode of 55 kHz. Mr. Pavel Adamčík and Mr. Robert Svozil (representatives of the Orthomoravia, Ltd. and B. Braun Medical Ltd.) will discuss the development of a close loop system using dynamic signals. The one-year multidisciplinary cooperation at the WORTH project will be successfully closed by the preparation of the Final Report of the project and collaborative discussion concerning a proposal draft to be submitted for HORIZON2020.

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